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Launched in 2020, OCR2Edit has evolved into a versatile tool for text recognition, OCR, and document conversion, proudly represented under the QaamGo company. The journey began in 2009 with the establishment of an online file converter, fueled by the visionary leadership of CEO Jens Bierkandt. The mission from the outset was clear: to simplify file conversion, creating a seamless experience for users through the utilization of the web browser. OCR2Edit stands out as a significant addition to the successful QaamGo projects. Dedicated to simplifying text extraction from scans, images, documents, and more, OCR2Edit solidifies our commitment to providing users worldwide with efficient and user-friendly OCR solutions.

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Our commitment to education is evident through the OCR2Edit educational program, offering students and teachers worldwide free access to our premium services. Additionally, we're dedicated to a sustainable future. Learn more

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