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Convert JPG images to PDF. We can show you how to change JPG to PDF and thus extract text from any image. Photos, pictures, screenshots, scans – this online tool will help you to get the text you need.

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How to convert JPG to PDF?

  1. Upload your JPG image.
  2. Select the language the text of the JPG is written in. (optional)
  3. Choose the PDF version if you want a specific one. (optional)
  4. Enable deskewing if your photo or image is crooked. (optional)
  5. Start the conversion. After a short wait you can download your PDF document.

What's the difference between JPEG and JPG?

JPG and JPEG are both popular image formats – and the only difference between them is the visible one. Older Windows versions did not allow for file extensions with more than three characters, hence why they used .jpg instead of .jpeg, which was commonly used on Mac and UNIX systems.

Even though Windows computers now also support files with the longer, .jpeg extension, the three-character extension has become more widely used. Other than the additional character in the file extension, there is no real difference between JPG and JPEG images.


Extension .jpg
MIME type image/jpeg
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