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This is an easy way to edit text from PDF documents, scans or even images: convert your image or scan to TXT. OCR extracts the text from your file into a plain text file.

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How to convert image to text?

  1. Upload your image or PDF file. Any photo, picture or scan will do.
  2. To improve the text recognition, you can specify the language of your file. (optional)
  3. Start the OCR conversion by clicking on "Start".

Optical Character Recognition is an operation that recognises letters, numbers, and text in general in a file that is not a document. This can be an image like PNG or JPG, or a scanned page from a book or article in the PDF format.

With this online OCR converter, you can extract the text from any picture or photo you have taken, e.g. from presentation slides, and generate a generic text file. The TXT file format is very simple as it contains only text, no formatting, and can be opened in all word processing or text editing programs.


Extension .txt
MIME type text/plain
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