Convert PNG to PDF

Find out how to convert a PNG to PDF. This way, you can extract and use the text from photos taken during a presentation or conference, from screenshots, scans that have been saved as images, and more.

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OCR Settings

To get the best results, select all languages that your file contains.

Optional Settings

Fix crooked images.

How to convert a PNG to PDF?

  1. Upload your PNG image.
  2. Specify the language of the text on your PNG. (optional)
  3. Choose the PDF version you prefer. (optional)
  4. Enable "Deskew" in case your image or photo is tilted. (optional)
  5. Click on "Start" and let the OCR converter do the work for you.

What are PNG images?

PNG files are raster image files. This means they contain raster image information that are made up by pixels and can thus not be scaled up without loss of image quality.

The images are quite similar to JPG images, but they are able to display transparent backgrounds and areas, as GIF images do. However, they cannot display animations. Furthermore, they use lossless compression, which improves the image quality when compared to JPG.


Extension .png
MIME type image/png
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